Friday, July 30, 2010

Child Please… I know you can’t hold out until June. You just cant, shit I definitely couldn’t. Believe it or not, like it or not, it’s hard to argue that the Miami Heat have catapulted themselves into the front runners to be Eastern Conference Champs. I mean Vegas has the Miami Heat at 2:1 odds to win the whole thing! I hate to burst Heat fans bubbles but there’s no way in hell they can beat the Lakers. From top to bottom the Lakers have them trumped. The Lakers have a great balance and a championship pedigree. Oh yeah and DWade will win his first league MVP in 2011. Quote me on that.

Derek Fisher vs. Mario Chalmers
I mean is this even a topic of conversation….? D Fish has forgotten more basketball then Chalmers knows. D Fish overly battle tested, 5 rings! It all falls back on that good ol’ saying “experience over youth”.
PG: Lakers/Fisher

Kobe Bryant vs. Dwayne Wade
At close glance you’d say it’s a toss up. “Not so fast my friend!” (Lee Corso) Both players will have to guard each other for the majority of the series. D Wade will give Kobe problems taking him to the rim. In essence it will wear Kobe down. It’s not an easy task to defend DWade, but as far as I know Kobe is still the best player in the NBA
SG: Lakers/Kobe

Lebron James vs. Ron Artest
Landslide, Ron Artest can’t hang with the reigning 2x MVP. Granted I think James will be more of a set up man, Artest still can’t handle him all series long. James is far more physical, and quicker. Artest can’t generate enough offense to wear out Lebron. No contest.
SF: Heat/Lebron James

Pau Gasol vs. Chris Bosh
Pau has 2 rings. Chris Bosh hasn’t played a game worth a damn in his 6 year career. Don’t get me wrong I love Bosh’s game but Pau dominated the Boston Celtics front line in the finals. We will see how Bosh reacts in big games. So for now I have to go with who I know will perform when it counts.
PF: Lakers/Pau Gasol

Andrew Bynum vs. Illgauskis/Anthony
See the thing is who will be the healthiest at this point of the season. I mean these two have a proven track record for being fragile. Well in big Z’s case he’s just old. If Bynum is healthy he’s easily a top 3 centers in the NBA. Joel Anthony could be the wild card with his shot blocking ability. Even still Anthony can’t keep Bynum out of the paint for the entire serious with out the help of Z. Lol, Joel Anthony might be the only of the three playing come finals time.
C: Lakers/Andrew Bynum

Phil Jackson vs. Erik Spoelstra
11 Rings to 1. No explanations needed.
Coach: Lakers/ Phil Jackson

Lakers Bench vs. Heat Bench
Odom will battle against Haslem, and Anthony. In my opinion, Odom has a stronger more versatile skill set then the Heat players guarding him. If Lamar Odom plays to his potential the Lakers are unstoppable. I also believe that the addition of Matt Barnes is a better addition then Mike Miller. Barnes can help out on James and possibly Wade. Giving Kobe valuable rest minutes. Arroyo can’t hold Steve Blake’s jock strap. Blake is great shooter and better yet a cerebral point guard. Most important off all the Lakers have continuity and a proven winning formula. They are Champion savvy. Championships don’t grow on Trees now.
Bottom Line is KOBE gets 6!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ochouno + Ochocinco = Plain Just Mucho

The City on Cinncinati isn't big enough for two Queens.

Ochocinco called the pair "Batman and Robin'' on Twitter, though not identifying who had the lead role of Batman, "All of our games have been moved to pay-per-view, you got to pay to see this." Not to be outdone, Owens responded on his own Twitter feed. "Ocho Uno is coming 2 town!!'' he said, referring to his uniform number, 81. "Hey Robin, Batman will b there soon!"

So wait a second, Chad has been relegated to Robin? I thought the “Bunguls” were his team?
There it is the 1st official controversy that ESPN and media will turn into an issue. It’s a tough decision for the Bengals to take on a character of T.O’s magnitude. Cincinnati is a small blue collar city. Too many queens might turn the “Queen City” into a pressure cooker. We can all call Owens a Cry baby, distraction, team obliterator, quarterback killer, drama queen …etc. Although his numbers have declined steadily in the past 2 years, TO will still put up decent to great numbers in Cincy. TO and Bengals QB Carson Palmer have been working out this offseason together in LA. Antonio Bryant still seems to be slowed by that knee injury at the end of last year so the verdict is still out on him. If Bryant is healthy, and Chad can be at least the 1,000 yard reciver he was last year, the Bengals will have an air raid offense ala the World Champion New Orleans Saints. It’ll be a drastic improvement for a Bengals offense that ranked 26 in the NFL in passing yards and Touchdowns a season ago. What we do know for sure is that it’ll be fun watching the back to back reality TV stars one-up each other when it comes to end zone celebrations. It could get rough if the team starts to lose. Watching both stars demand the ball all while only one will gets the touches. They’ve competed for airtime from afar. It’ll be different in the same locker room. It all boils down to who can perform the most highlighted/discussed touchdown celebration which in turn makes for higher reality TV show ratings. I feel that it’s great for the league the fans and the sport. We do watch to be entertained don’t we?

What Do Ewe Think?

Monday, July 26, 2010


These numbers are crazy!!! you mean to tell me Phil Mickleson makes more on endorsements then Lebron James? Phil makes 22 million more on endorsments then LBJ. Look at Floyd Mayweather Jr. numbers he only made 250,000 in endorsements, but he's 3rd on the list due to his 60 million in prize fighting. Tiger is still number one. It's obvious that Golf is a major money sport. I figured some NASCAR drivers would crack this list but they didn't. Two New York Yankees in the top 10 earning athletes. It's an empire over in the Bronx.


Tiger Woods
Last Year's Rank: 1
1. $20,508,163 salary
2. $70,000,000 endorsements
3. $90,508,163 total earnings
Tiger's off-course troubles cost him millions in endorsements -- he was dropped by Gatorade, AT&T and Accenture. But a $10 million FedEx Cup bonus helps keep him at his usual No. 1 perch.

Phil Mickelson
Last Year's Rank: 2
1. $9,660,757 salary
2. $52,000,000 endorsement
3. $61,660,757 total earnings
Expanding the fan base: 15,000 consumers got rebates on Big Bertha clubs thanks to Lefty's Masters win, a promotion between Golfsmith and Phil-endorsed Callaway -- all told a $1 million payout.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Last Year's Rank: NR
1. $60,000,000 salary
2. $250,000 endorsements
3. $60,250,000 total earnings

Pretty Boy shoots back into the top five after a one-year absence thanks to earnings from bouts with Juan Manuel Marquez and Shane Mosley, the latter of which netted $40 million in purses and PPV sales.

LeBron James
Miami Heat (NBA)
Last Year's Rank: 3
1. $15,779,912 salary
2. $30,000,000 endorsements
3. $45,779,912 total earnings
King James left millions on the table by choosing to bolt Cleveland for Miami. But will James be the same kind of star -- on and off the court –- playing alongside Dwyane Wade?

Alex Rodriguez
New York Yankees (MLB)
Last Year's Rank: 4
1. $33,000,000 salary
2. $4,000,000 endorsements
3. $37,000,000 total salary
A-Rod may be baseball's highest-paid player, but even he is feeling the real estate slowdown. He and his ex-wife recently unloaded their one-acre, six-bedroom estate in Florida for $8.5 million -- one-third less than the purchase price.

Shaquille O'Neal
Free Agent (NBA)
Last Year's Rank: 5
1. $21,000,000 salary
2. $15,000,000 endorsements
3. $36,000,000 total earnings

No matter where Shaq ends up next season, he is easily the all-time NBA leader in total salary: Over an 18-year career, he has earned more than $290 million.

Kobe Bryant
Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)
Last Year's Rank: 7
1. $23,034,375 salary
2. $10,000,000 endorsement
3. $33,034,375 total earnings

Kobe now has something else in common with Michael Jordan. His extension has him due to earn $30 million in 2013-14. The only other player ever to earn that much in one season? Jordan.
Derek Jeter
New York Yankees (MLB)
Last Year's Rank: 9
1. $21,000,000 salary
2. $10,000,000 endorsements
3. $31,000,000 total earnings
The Yankee captain is in the final
year of the 10-year, $189 million pact he signed as a 26-year-old. Hal Steinbrenner says there will be no further talks on an extension until after the World Series, but New York must re-sign him.

Peyton Manning
Indianapolis Colts (NFL)
Last Year's Rank: 10
1. $15,800,000 salary
2. $15,000,000 endorsements
3. $30,800,000 total earnings

Should more companies hitch their wagons to Peyton? The clean-cut quarterback has replaced Tiger as America's best sporting role model, according to results of a recent 60%

Dwyane Wade
Miami Heat (NBA)
Last Year's Rank: 12
1. $15,779,912 salary
2. $12,000,000 endorsements
3. $27,779,912 total earnings
Wade became the biggest star in free agency, convincing LeBron James and Chris Bosh to sign with Miami. While Wade took less money to stay in South Beach, he should more than make up for it in endorsements.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Chomping at the Vick

Cat, not a dog will be the next thing Mike kills and he can thank the fish for it.. So look what the Dolphins have started. They have efficiently ran a hybrid of the Wildcat formation made famous by Darren McFadden at Arkansas. So the Raiders will probably start to use there own variation of the formation just cause they do have McFadden. Also McFadden can throw the Ball better then Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams. Mike Vick can run and throw the ball better then all 3. I also believe that the fad that called the Wildcat will have lots of NFL teams in the Market for Mike Vick after his release from jail in 09. Vick wont be Quarterback or a Running Back. He'll be the Hybrid. Pass, Run and Catch. Vick can play all 3 threat positions in the Wildcat. QB, RB, and receiver. Couple that up with a traditional pocket Quarterback, Mike Vick will hurt you.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What Did Joe Do?

On the day the Yankee organization honored greats from the past and turned the lights off forever at Yankee Stadium, they forgot to mention a couple of great Yankee. Who cares if Roger Clemens was not mentioned, but not to mention Joe Torre. The Yankee brass completely slapped Joe Torre in the face. The All Time winning st Yankee coach doesn't get a mention in the pre-game ceremonies? That's some bullshit if I've ever seen any. I mean how do you just forget to mention Joe Torre amongst all time Yankees. For Gods sake they mentioned Paul O'Neil, and not Joe. Torre won 4 World Series in New York, plus 13 consecutive post season appearances. He's a New York Native!!!!!! Last time i checked Joe didn't burn the Yankees the Yankees burnt Joe. Remember last winter the Yankees offered Torre a one year deal worth 5 Million dollars. One year and only 5 million? It's Joe Torre not Bobby Valentine. They chased him out of town and treated and continue to treat Torre like shit. You would think an organization with that much baseball history would have a little more respect for its greatest coach ever. (i Guess Torre should talk to Billy Martin)It Says allot about the new Yankee regime led by Hank Stienbrener. I bet the day Fenway closes down Johnny Damon and Wade Boggs will be mentioned and honored. Fuck they didn't even mention Don Mattingly cause he decided to be Joe Torres bench coach in L.A. and not Joe Geradi in New York. While the Yankees sit at home watching Baseball in October guess who's coaching in October....? Slap the evil Empire in the Face.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

As Cool As a Cucumber

Jerry Manuel is as cool as a cucumber.

Manuel's optimism during the home stretch of the baseball season has the Metropolitans October Dreaming. The never negative Mets coach is reminiscent of the Great Joe Torre. Good ol' Cool Joe. Jerry has kept it cool in New York despite recent Media Heat of yet another late season implosion. Thursday night in the middle of a 9th inning meltdown a young rookie (Daniel Murphy) misses a sign and bunts foul for the fourth time and the first out. Once in the Dugout Jerry pulled the young Murphy aside and put his arm around him to let him know everything was going to be okay. Mets win 2 batters later.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dont Trust the Sweater Vest

Jim Tressle doesn't fool me. Aside from Buffalo Bill in it up in National Championships as of late and looking like Mr. Rogers with a headset. I don't trust a guy who wears a sweater vest. He looks like a politician on the sidelines. Do we trust politicians...? Tressle has been luke warm this week on weather Chris "Beanie" Wells will play in the Collision at the Coliseum against USC. My bet is he will play. He (Tressle) is playing head games with the Trojans. Don't get me wrong, i respect Tressle and the great consistent job he's done with the Buckeyes. If it wasn't for a bad pass interference call in the endzone against Miami in the 02 Fiesta Bowl, Tressle and the Buckeyes would be 0-3 in National Title games and he would be on the hot seat. OVERRATED!!!!!!

USC 31
OSU 21

Patriot Games Over

The Streak ends and another begins. On September 8th the secretive/sneaky Patriots finally took Tom Brady off the injury report since the 2005 Season opener. He has always been listed as probable because of a right shoulder he separated in 2002 - has become something of a joke. What once was a joke and a microcosm of the way the Patriots conduct off the Field business has become a crushing reality. The first game off the injury report, Tom Brady lands on it for the season. Against the Chiefs Brady suffered a season ending injury. If i know football and i know superstitions, i predict that Tom Brady will be on the Injury report listed as probable for the rest of his Bill Belichek coached career.


Friday, August 29, 2008

I'll Show Them.

Chad Johnson is an idiot, but I fucking love him. You can't tell me that every time you hear him speak you expect nothing but craziness come out of his mouth. It's truly funny. So he pulls a Prince. He changes his name. Formerly known as Chad Johnson, currently named Chad OCHO CINCO. Johnson has legally changed his name to Chad Javon Ocho Cinco in Broward County, Florida, a switch that became official this week It's like he is making fun of the powers that be in Cincinnati. He asked to be traded. Cincy said No. His head Coach Marvin Lewis is on record saying he doesn't like Chads self appointed nick name Ocho Cinco. During the summer media spats between the Bungles and Johnson, Lewis called him Ocho "Pysco". So he figured fuck em. I'll just change my name. Now we just have to wait and see what the Bengals, and NFL have to say about this.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Cousin Vinny in the Windy City

Not Mark Jackson, not Avery Johnson, not the Doug Collins rerun, not Mike D'Antoni. It's Vinny! From 49 Wins in 07 to 48 losses in 08 the Bulls seek ed and found a coach. Armed with a loaded roster and the number 1 pick Vinny Del Negro finds himself at the controls of the Chicago Bulls. Vinny Del Negro leaves the Front office of the Phoenix Suns to be the New Head Coach in Chi-City. We remember Vinny for his pale legs and his silky smooth jump shot down in San Antonio. With no past coaching experience, the Bulls 2 month search for a coach ends with the hiring of Vinny Del Negro. Vinny inherits a Bulls team in disarray a year after there first playoff Series win since the Jordan and Pippen era. This past Summers Kobe Bryant trade rumors and failed contract negotiations with star forward Luol Deng and Ben Gordon. Gordon who turned down five-year extensions worth more than $50 million dollars. All this left the promising Bulls in a early season hole. Followed up by immature behavior from last years first round draft Pick Jokaim Noah, lashing out at coaches. Vinny Del Negro and the Chicago Bulls are on the Clock.

Seperated at Birth

Pau Gasol looks like Big Bird in his Laker Gold. Big Bird Could probably Guard K.G.

So Which One is Gerold Levert and Which one is Jerome Bettis?

Shuan Alexander is Panthro! Thousand Yards! Thousand Yards! HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lakers vs. Celtics 4 - 1

What's all the Hype about? It's going to be an easy 5 game series for Kobe, Phil and the rest of the Lakers. Come on, do you really, really, really think that this is going to be a close series? Let me began shall we? Who is going to stop Kobe? The Lakers took out the San Antonio Spurs in 5 Games. 5 quick games might I add. The SPURS!!! Not the Hawks, not the "Lebron James Cavaliers", the Defending World Champions. Arguably one of the best Playoff Defensive teams ever. Listen if it boiled down to it the Celtics couldn't beat the Spurs in a 7 game series. Why you ask? The answer is experience! Playoff and FINALS Experience. Something that is lacking in Boston. That's why the Lakers will win swiftly. The Lakers destroyed the Spurs. The Lakers are more athletic then the Celtics. The ability for Odom and Gasol to pull Garnett and Perkins away from the basket open up the lanes to Kobe. Who's going to stop Kobe? Doc Rivers can't out coach Phil Jackson in a 7 game Final Series. That's a given. Phil Jackson is going on 10 NBA Championships. Doc Rivers has as many championships as you and i do. A Big Goose Egg. Next, Derrek Fisher and Kobe have played and won Championships together. This is Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and KG's first finals. So lets put Championship experience together.
LAKERS: 30 Rings
Phil Jackson: 9 Rings
Asst Coach Frank Hamblen: 6 Rings (3 Chicago 96-98, 3 Lakers 00-03)
Asst Coach Kurt Rambis: 6 Rings (4 Player, 2 coach 01-03)
Asst Coach Brian Shaw: 3 Rings ( 3 Player 00-03)
Kobe: 3 Rings
Fisher: 3 Rings
CELTICS: 3 Rings
Doc Rivers: 0
Asst Coach Tom Thibodeau: 0
Asst Coach Armond Hill: 0
Asst Coach Kevin Eastman: 0
Asst Coach Clifford Ray: 0
K.G.: 0
Ray Allen: 0
Paul Pierce: 0
Sam Cassell: 2
James Possey: 1
30 World Championships combined to the Celtics 3. It's a flat out Joke. Who is going to stop Kobe? The Lakers played in a Western Conference that had a 50 win team not make the playoffs. That same 50 win team would've been the 3 seed in the East. Do we see the disparity? A lot of Celtic fans want to say "Well we beat them twice in the regular season." Right... and that did what for the Patriots. Who's going to stop Kobe? No team the Celtics have played thus far in the playoffs shots the three ball as good as the Lakers. The Lakers lead the playoffs in team 3pt %, and scoring averaging 105 ppg. The Celtics so-called top notch defense will be pushed to the brink, and then it will break. Plus no one on the Celtics could jump a Moving car or jump over a pool full of snakes. Kobe can!
"Gold Bottle Gold Bottle. Puple Baggie, i'm lookin like the Lakers biggest Fan"
What EWE Think?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

With a Flip of the Switch. "Flop" Fired.

I Told You So.

Whats next a President With a Right Hook?

Ability to deliver a speech... CHECK!
Ability to Lead... CHECK!
Ability to inspire... CHECK!
Ability to pull up in traffic and drain a jump shot... Check!
Ability to "no look like magic"... DOUBLE CHECK! Obmama can play ball ladies and gentelman.
Obama 08! I said it.
What Do ewe Think?

Big Brown

It's ironic that the horse slated to captures the elusive triple crown has such a boring name. "Big Brown" is a lame name. That's why he might not win. Where are the cool names like "Iron Smile", "Smarty Jones", "Cynicism is easy"? Big Brown sounds generic. See it's different. Some Athletes can handle pressure and some can't. Big Brown is not an athlete nor either are his jockey and trainers. Meaning, that when all this extra media coverage, questions, and scrutiny mount up on the trainers, jockey, and staff. They lose focus and get distracted, leading to bad training, improper decisions. The Triple Crown hasn't been done in 3o years. It is said its a difficult for Still-maturing horses to win three races of varying distances and strategies. As 3-year-old, they get only one chance at it. The five-week time frame in which all 3 races are conducted opens the door to injury. The Belmont is said to be the most difficult of the 3 races. I believe "Big Brown" will be victorious. Not to mention the cocky comments by "Big Brown" trainer concerning the Japanese owned Colt called "Casino Drive".

He said, "He's got no chance of beating our horse." "I'll be in the winner's circle when they get to the quarter pole. That's how I feel. I don't see that this horse can beat him." Whats with the jockey always being some light weight under fed Mexican?

Winner: Casino Drive

Saturday, May 24, 2008

"The Five Magic Beans"

5 Best Power Fowards Ever.

Wisdom makes more cents then Money in your pocket. Here's my weekly installment of "5 Beans in your Pocket at All Times"
Reading and Understanding of this subject is like Having $5 in your pocket at all time.

1. TIM DUNCAN (1998-Present) Aside from being the most boring NBA Superstar Ever! Timmy is the best to ever play the position. Dominating both ends of the floor like no other big man before him. He has won 4 NBA Championships (99, 03, 05, 07) 2 Time MVP (99, 03, 05), 3 Time NBA Finals MVP. 11 Time All NBA team 9 of those All NBA 1st Team. 11 Time All NBA Defensive Team. If any word could describe Tim Duncan it would be Consistency. Plus no one else has ever used the backboard quite like Timmy has. With a total of 4 possibly going on 5 Chips, Tim Duncan gets top billing.
2. KARL MALONE (1986-2004) The Mail man has to make the list. Does anyone remember his L.A. Gear commercial back in the early 90s? The one for his sneaker the "Catapult". If you do remember more power to ya, if you don't that means you didn't watch as much TV as i did as a kid. Karl is one of two Power Forwards to make this list that never won a god damn thing (Championships). It doesn't matter anyway, how could Mailman not be included. He scored over 36,968 Points. More Points then Mike, Magic, Larry, and Wilt. Enough said. He posed a deadly mid-range jumper. Malone use to Kill opponents of that Stockton to Malone Screen and roll. Karl Malone finished his career with a 25 PPG Avg.

3. DENNIS RODMAN (1986- 2000) The man has won 5 Championships. He won 2 in Detroit and 3 with Mike and Scottie. As a matter of fact Dennis has more rings then anyone one this list. Many people will question why Dennis is so high on the list. Rodman was All NBA 1 Team Defense 89-96. Led the League in Rebounds 91-98. NBA Defensive Player of the year twice 90-91. Rodman was versatile enough to step out and guard smaller player on the perimeter. Dennis the Menace Rodman get my vote all day. Don't forget Madonna and Carmen Electra.
4. CHARLES BARKLEY (1984-2000) "Sir Charles", "The Round Mound of Rebound" was short for a power forward. He used tenacity and strength to become a dominant rebounder. He was a versatile player who could score, defend, rebound, and assist. In 2000 the season, he retired as one of only four players in NBA history with 20,000 points, 10,000 rebounds and 4,000 assists. He Won a MVP in 93 while in Phoenix. For his Career Charles averaged 23 ppg and 12 rpg. Don't forget Barkley was listed at 6'6, which means he's probably 6'4

5. Kevin Garnett (1995-Present) Kevin Garnett is the anchor to my brilliantly crafted list. Why K.G.? Because he like 6' 13 inches tall and plays like a Small Forward. Also posses the prettiest turn around jumper in the post. It's the closest thing to Hakeems Dream Shake. K.G. won his only MVP in 2004. He was named Defensive POY this year in 2008. An 11 Time All star, and 9 times All NBA Team and All Defensive Team. The "Big Ticket" has averaged 22 ppg and 12 rpg over his career. From the Players on this list Garnett probably plays with the most fire and intensity. Now In Boston his leadership has shown through this year. Leading the Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals and a leagues best record.
What do ewe think?

ESPN 3 Soccer Channel?

The World Wide Leader is Sports Ent. is turning it low rated seldom watched ESPN Classic to ESPN 3. ESPN 3 will counter Fox Sports Soccer. ESPN has been showing allot of interest in European Soccer the past 2 years. The heavy promotion for Wednesday Champions League Soccer has resulted in solid ratings for the Walt Disney Network. So much so that ESPN has even expected to bid on the TV Rights to the English Premiership for the 09-10 season. Housing the League would be the New ESPN 3, who also plans to Push MLS as well as other International Futbol events. I believe that this would be a good investment for ESPN considering the recent revival Futbol in America. If South Africa can't get there facilities together FIFA would have to to turn to the United States to host the 2010 World Cup.
What do ewe think?

Flawed Kings Remembered At Cannes.

Iron Mike Tyson and Diego Maradona are both honored at the Cannes Film Festival. Both Tyson and Maradona are remembered in separate documentaries about there immense success and appetite for destruction."

"I've lived a wild and strange life," Tyson told a news conference at Cannes ahead of this week's screening.
"I've used drugs, I've had physical altercations with dangerous people, people were angry. I've slept with guys' wives, they wanted to kill me. I'm just happy to be here. It's just a miracle."
What do ewe think?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flip the Switch on "Flop"

I have nothing personal against Flip Saunders. History shows us that Flip Saunders should be better known as "Flop Saunders". He can't win! He really can't. He has taken a Detroit Piston Team who outside the San Antonio Spurs has dominated consistently and done absolutely nothing with them. A team that has 4 perennial all stars he cant coach over the top. Think Back to game 5 against the "Lebron James Cavaliers" When Lebron was on his Run of 29 in a row. "Flop" threw out a box and 1 defense. You know who plays Box and 1 and "gimmick Defense" Junior High Coaches. When an early developing, pimpled face young man is faster and stronger then anyone on his team. In Minnesota, Flip went from the seasons of 96- 03 exiting the first round of the playoffs. 4 times he had 50 win seasons in 9 seasons. 03-04 He led the 58 Win Timberwolves regarded as a favorite in the west. Lost 4-1 to the Lakers with home court advantage. The Pistons with the NBA's best record in 2006, had four All-Stars in their starting lineup, Rip, Taysuan Prince, Chuancy Billips and Rasheed Wallace. The 64 Win Pistons were heavy favorite going into the playoffs to capture the NBA Championship. However, they lost in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Miami Heat. 4-2. In 06-07 Once again the Pistons had the best record in the Eastern Conference, but lost in the Eastern Conference Finals 4-2 To The "Lebron James Cavaliers"
What do ewe think?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Inching Closer to New York.

Lebron is Amazing. He damn near Beat the Celtics by himself. The Whispers are starting to get louder. Lebron to New York. The Cleveland Cavaliers front office lost that series for Cleavland not Lebron. Danny Ferrys seat has gone from warm to a 5 Alarm fire over night after that terrible mid season trade. Its like Steve Kerr and Danny Ferry sat down and talked and said to each other "Lets see who makes the worst trade." The Cavs took on the contract of a 34 year old Ben Wallace who's made 15 million this year. Aside from passing the ball quicker then immediately every time he touches it, he sucks! He contributed with 4 Rebs. WTF!! That's barely 4 Million a Rebound. I know that Drew Gooden would've had a bigger impact then the combination of the worlds worst front court. (Varejio) and Joe Smith. To Joe Smith defense he played a good series. Wally Helped Bronage with absolutly nothing. He scored 0 points. A giant goose egg. Another Cavvalier that didn't don anything to help Lebrons cause was Damon Jones. Under 5 Minutes left Damon Jones passes up a wide open 3 from the corner. He caught the ball, set his feet, and passed it. Then with under 2 minutes left he clanked a wide open 3. He's making 16 million for four years. Lebron has no help and non on the way. This is last year of his 3 year 90 million dollar contract with the Cavs. This is also the NBA's most promennet free agent class. Baron Davis, Allen Iverson, Gilbert Arenas, Antwan Jamison, Cory Maggete, Shawn Marrion, Elton Brand and Jermaine O'neal. That is just to name a couple. If the Cavs don't bring in another low post treat and wing scorer the city of Cleveland will sufer a bigger lose then the Browns leaving. The King of Ohio will be the King of New York. FYI: James has a Kicker in his Nike Contract that'll give him and Extra 100 Million for playing in a Large Media Market. New Yorkers already started the campaign. A website that lets New Yorkers add stuff to the Lebron gift basket. (his own suite at Yankee Stadium, additional salary, Gloria James courtside seats, Ferrari, etc.) if he opts out of his contract in July 1, 2010 and comes to New York. Does LeBron need the money? No, but we need LeBron.
What do ewe think?