Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ochouno + Ochocinco = Plain Just Mucho

The City on Cinncinati isn't big enough for two Queens.

Ochocinco called the pair "Batman and Robin'' on Twitter, though not identifying who had the lead role of Batman, "All of our games have been moved to pay-per-view, you got to pay to see this." Not to be outdone, Owens responded on his own Twitter feed. "Ocho Uno is coming 2 town!!'' he said, referring to his uniform number, 81. "Hey Robin, Batman will b there soon!"

So wait a second, Chad has been relegated to Robin? I thought the “Bunguls” were his team?
There it is the 1st official controversy that ESPN and media will turn into an issue. It’s a tough decision for the Bengals to take on a character of T.O’s magnitude. Cincinnati is a small blue collar city. Too many queens might turn the “Queen City” into a pressure cooker. We can all call Owens a Cry baby, distraction, team obliterator, quarterback killer, drama queen …etc. Although his numbers have declined steadily in the past 2 years, TO will still put up decent to great numbers in Cincy. TO and Bengals QB Carson Palmer have been working out this offseason together in LA. Antonio Bryant still seems to be slowed by that knee injury at the end of last year so the verdict is still out on him. If Bryant is healthy, and Chad can be at least the 1,000 yard reciver he was last year, the Bengals will have an air raid offense ala the World Champion New Orleans Saints. It’ll be a drastic improvement for a Bengals offense that ranked 26 in the NFL in passing yards and Touchdowns a season ago. What we do know for sure is that it’ll be fun watching the back to back reality TV stars one-up each other when it comes to end zone celebrations. It could get rough if the team starts to lose. Watching both stars demand the ball all while only one will gets the touches. They’ve competed for airtime from afar. It’ll be different in the same locker room. It all boils down to who can perform the most highlighted/discussed touchdown celebration which in turn makes for higher reality TV show ratings. I feel that it’s great for the league the fans and the sport. We do watch to be entertained don’t we?

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