Friday, July 30, 2010

Child Please… I know you can’t hold out until June. You just cant, shit I definitely couldn’t. Believe it or not, like it or not, it’s hard to argue that the Miami Heat have catapulted themselves into the front runners to be Eastern Conference Champs. I mean Vegas has the Miami Heat at 2:1 odds to win the whole thing! I hate to burst Heat fans bubbles but there’s no way in hell they can beat the Lakers. From top to bottom the Lakers have them trumped. The Lakers have a great balance and a championship pedigree. Oh yeah and DWade will win his first league MVP in 2011. Quote me on that.

Derek Fisher vs. Mario Chalmers
I mean is this even a topic of conversation….? D Fish has forgotten more basketball then Chalmers knows. D Fish overly battle tested, 5 rings! It all falls back on that good ol’ saying “experience over youth”.
PG: Lakers/Fisher

Kobe Bryant vs. Dwayne Wade
At close glance you’d say it’s a toss up. “Not so fast my friend!” (Lee Corso) Both players will have to guard each other for the majority of the series. D Wade will give Kobe problems taking him to the rim. In essence it will wear Kobe down. It’s not an easy task to defend DWade, but as far as I know Kobe is still the best player in the NBA
SG: Lakers/Kobe

Lebron James vs. Ron Artest
Landslide, Ron Artest can’t hang with the reigning 2x MVP. Granted I think James will be more of a set up man, Artest still can’t handle him all series long. James is far more physical, and quicker. Artest can’t generate enough offense to wear out Lebron. No contest.
SF: Heat/Lebron James

Pau Gasol vs. Chris Bosh
Pau has 2 rings. Chris Bosh hasn’t played a game worth a damn in his 6 year career. Don’t get me wrong I love Bosh’s game but Pau dominated the Boston Celtics front line in the finals. We will see how Bosh reacts in big games. So for now I have to go with who I know will perform when it counts.
PF: Lakers/Pau Gasol

Andrew Bynum vs. Illgauskis/Anthony
See the thing is who will be the healthiest at this point of the season. I mean these two have a proven track record for being fragile. Well in big Z’s case he’s just old. If Bynum is healthy he’s easily a top 3 centers in the NBA. Joel Anthony could be the wild card with his shot blocking ability. Even still Anthony can’t keep Bynum out of the paint for the entire serious with out the help of Z. Lol, Joel Anthony might be the only of the three playing come finals time.
C: Lakers/Andrew Bynum

Phil Jackson vs. Erik Spoelstra
11 Rings to 1. No explanations needed.
Coach: Lakers/ Phil Jackson

Lakers Bench vs. Heat Bench
Odom will battle against Haslem, and Anthony. In my opinion, Odom has a stronger more versatile skill set then the Heat players guarding him. If Lamar Odom plays to his potential the Lakers are unstoppable. I also believe that the addition of Matt Barnes is a better addition then Mike Miller. Barnes can help out on James and possibly Wade. Giving Kobe valuable rest minutes. Arroyo can’t hold Steve Blake’s jock strap. Blake is great shooter and better yet a cerebral point guard. Most important off all the Lakers have continuity and a proven winning formula. They are Champion savvy. Championships don’t grow on Trees now.
Bottom Line is KOBE gets 6!

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