Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lakers vs. Celtics 4 - 1

What's all the Hype about? It's going to be an easy 5 game series for Kobe, Phil and the rest of the Lakers. Come on, do you really, really, really think that this is going to be a close series? Let me began shall we? Who is going to stop Kobe? The Lakers took out the San Antonio Spurs in 5 Games. 5 quick games might I add. The SPURS!!! Not the Hawks, not the "Lebron James Cavaliers", the Defending World Champions. Arguably one of the best Playoff Defensive teams ever. Listen if it boiled down to it the Celtics couldn't beat the Spurs in a 7 game series. Why you ask? The answer is experience! Playoff and FINALS Experience. Something that is lacking in Boston. That's why the Lakers will win swiftly. The Lakers destroyed the Spurs. The Lakers are more athletic then the Celtics. The ability for Odom and Gasol to pull Garnett and Perkins away from the basket open up the lanes to Kobe. Who's going to stop Kobe? Doc Rivers can't out coach Phil Jackson in a 7 game Final Series. That's a given. Phil Jackson is going on 10 NBA Championships. Doc Rivers has as many championships as you and i do. A Big Goose Egg. Next, Derrek Fisher and Kobe have played and won Championships together. This is Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and KG's first finals. So lets put Championship experience together.
LAKERS: 30 Rings
Phil Jackson: 9 Rings
Asst Coach Frank Hamblen: 6 Rings (3 Chicago 96-98, 3 Lakers 00-03)
Asst Coach Kurt Rambis: 6 Rings (4 Player, 2 coach 01-03)
Asst Coach Brian Shaw: 3 Rings ( 3 Player 00-03)
Kobe: 3 Rings
Fisher: 3 Rings
CELTICS: 3 Rings
Doc Rivers: 0
Asst Coach Tom Thibodeau: 0
Asst Coach Armond Hill: 0
Asst Coach Kevin Eastman: 0
Asst Coach Clifford Ray: 0
K.G.: 0
Ray Allen: 0
Paul Pierce: 0
Sam Cassell: 2
James Possey: 1
30 World Championships combined to the Celtics 3. It's a flat out Joke. Who is going to stop Kobe? The Lakers played in a Western Conference that had a 50 win team not make the playoffs. That same 50 win team would've been the 3 seed in the East. Do we see the disparity? A lot of Celtic fans want to say "Well we beat them twice in the regular season." Right... and that did what for the Patriots. Who's going to stop Kobe? No team the Celtics have played thus far in the playoffs shots the three ball as good as the Lakers. The Lakers lead the playoffs in team 3pt %, and scoring averaging 105 ppg. The Celtics so-called top notch defense will be pushed to the brink, and then it will break. Plus no one on the Celtics could jump a Moving car or jump over a pool full of snakes. Kobe can!
"Gold Bottle Gold Bottle. Puple Baggie, i'm lookin like the Lakers biggest Fan"
What EWE Think?


Estacio Villa: Professional for HIre said...

Very interesting but,

24 of those Rings are gonna be sittin on the bench. Coaching is without a doubt HUGE. But how many points and rebounds do you expect from the suits on the bench?

"Phil Jackson is going on 10 NBA Championships. Doc Rivers has as many championships as you and i do. A Big Goose Egg." -6 Shooter Fresh

How the fuck do you know how many rings I got?

Poster BOY said...

24 rings coming off the bench is a hell of a lot better than 3 rings coming off the bench, and I think that is 6 Shooters whole point. Consider that 2 of those rings coming off the Celtics bench are washed up and came a long time ago.

If you had a ring Estacio you wouldnt be here with us degenerates!

6 Shooter Fresh said...

degenerates is correct.

Estacio Villa: Professional for HIre said...

All that experience didn't add up to much last night.

Besides the shit talkin, that game last night was great. The drama, we already had new classic rivalry installments.
Pierces dope 4 point play (for the second time this playoffs)
KG catchin that board and puttin it doen 2 handed like a monster.
Kobe on that oop that he threw down ridiculously.
Pierce leavin the game and comin back to drop 6 points on his first 2 shots back.

We have a series on our hands

Quishenta Joans said...

The Boston 3 Party indeed. I don't appreciate people dissing kobe and his personal life. Do you think it had an effect on him? His supposed mistress looks so much like his wife to me. They could be sisters, and then he would really be my hero...just kidding. He's already my hero.