Sunday, September 28, 2008

What Did Joe Do?

On the day the Yankee organization honored greats from the past and turned the lights off forever at Yankee Stadium, they forgot to mention a couple of great Yankee. Who cares if Roger Clemens was not mentioned, but not to mention Joe Torre. The Yankee brass completely slapped Joe Torre in the face. The All Time winning st Yankee coach doesn't get a mention in the pre-game ceremonies? That's some bullshit if I've ever seen any. I mean how do you just forget to mention Joe Torre amongst all time Yankees. For Gods sake they mentioned Paul O'Neil, and not Joe. Torre won 4 World Series in New York, plus 13 consecutive post season appearances. He's a New York Native!!!!!! Last time i checked Joe didn't burn the Yankees the Yankees burnt Joe. Remember last winter the Yankees offered Torre a one year deal worth 5 Million dollars. One year and only 5 million? It's Joe Torre not Bobby Valentine. They chased him out of town and treated and continue to treat Torre like shit. You would think an organization with that much baseball history would have a little more respect for its greatest coach ever. (i Guess Torre should talk to Billy Martin)It Says allot about the new Yankee regime led by Hank Stienbrener. I bet the day Fenway closes down Johnny Damon and Wade Boggs will be mentioned and honored. Fuck they didn't even mention Don Mattingly cause he decided to be Joe Torres bench coach in L.A. and not Joe Geradi in New York. While the Yankees sit at home watching Baseball in October guess who's coaching in October....? Slap the evil Empire in the Face.

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