Monday, May 19, 2008

Inching Closer to New York.

Lebron is Amazing. He damn near Beat the Celtics by himself. The Whispers are starting to get louder. Lebron to New York. The Cleveland Cavaliers front office lost that series for Cleavland not Lebron. Danny Ferrys seat has gone from warm to a 5 Alarm fire over night after that terrible mid season trade. Its like Steve Kerr and Danny Ferry sat down and talked and said to each other "Lets see who makes the worst trade." The Cavs took on the contract of a 34 year old Ben Wallace who's made 15 million this year. Aside from passing the ball quicker then immediately every time he touches it, he sucks! He contributed with 4 Rebs. WTF!! That's barely 4 Million a Rebound. I know that Drew Gooden would've had a bigger impact then the combination of the worlds worst front court. (Varejio) and Joe Smith. To Joe Smith defense he played a good series. Wally Helped Bronage with absolutly nothing. He scored 0 points. A giant goose egg. Another Cavvalier that didn't don anything to help Lebrons cause was Damon Jones. Under 5 Minutes left Damon Jones passes up a wide open 3 from the corner. He caught the ball, set his feet, and passed it. Then with under 2 minutes left he clanked a wide open 3. He's making 16 million for four years. Lebron has no help and non on the way. This is last year of his 3 year 90 million dollar contract with the Cavs. This is also the NBA's most promennet free agent class. Baron Davis, Allen Iverson, Gilbert Arenas, Antwan Jamison, Cory Maggete, Shawn Marrion, Elton Brand and Jermaine O'neal. That is just to name a couple. If the Cavs don't bring in another low post treat and wing scorer the city of Cleveland will sufer a bigger lose then the Browns leaving. The King of Ohio will be the King of New York. FYI: James has a Kicker in his Nike Contract that'll give him and Extra 100 Million for playing in a Large Media Market. New Yorkers already started the campaign. A website that lets New Yorkers add stuff to the Lebron gift basket. (his own suite at Yankee Stadium, additional salary, Gloria James courtside seats, Ferrari, etc.) if he opts out of his contract in July 1, 2010 and comes to New York. Does LeBron need the money? No, but we need LeBron.
What do ewe think?

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T. LeHock said...

LeBron has a better chance of ending up with the Brooklyn Nets and his man Jigga, than with the New York Knickerbockers.