Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Cousin Vinny in the Windy City

Not Mark Jackson, not Avery Johnson, not the Doug Collins rerun, not Mike D'Antoni. It's Vinny! From 49 Wins in 07 to 48 losses in 08 the Bulls seek ed and found a coach. Armed with a loaded roster and the number 1 pick Vinny Del Negro finds himself at the controls of the Chicago Bulls. Vinny Del Negro leaves the Front office of the Phoenix Suns to be the New Head Coach in Chi-City. We remember Vinny for his pale legs and his silky smooth jump shot down in San Antonio. With no past coaching experience, the Bulls 2 month search for a coach ends with the hiring of Vinny Del Negro. Vinny inherits a Bulls team in disarray a year after there first playoff Series win since the Jordan and Pippen era. This past Summers Kobe Bryant trade rumors and failed contract negotiations with star forward Luol Deng and Ben Gordon. Gordon who turned down five-year extensions worth more than $50 million dollars. All this left the promising Bulls in a early season hole. Followed up by immature behavior from last years first round draft Pick Jokaim Noah, lashing out at coaches. Vinny Del Negro and the Chicago Bulls are on the Clock.

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