Thursday, May 15, 2008

Baseballs Broken Bonds, They call me Big Head

In the court of public opinion Barry Bonds is viewed as an arrogant cheater and a lie. I view Barry Lamar Bonds as ungrateful and Selfish. Barry became the poster boy for the “Steroid Era.” As he and Roger Clemens walk hand and hand past the Cooperstown, never setting foot inside, I ask do you blame them for cheating? In a society where we over pay athletes. We throw money at them to compete and be near perfect. Athletes like Bonds, and Clemens are so competitive that a leg up on the compittiontion is a no brainer. The unmet expectations of Millions of Dollars invested in their talents drives alot competitve men to cheat. The constant Media scrutiny turns Athletes towards immoral actions. It is not the unfair edge that bothers me, it’s the disrespect that Barry has had for the game.

Barry Lamar Bonds grew up around Baseball royalty
. You would think growing up around Willie Mayes (his godfather), Reggie Jackson (his cousin), Ken Griffey Sr. and many more. Barry would have more of a respect and admiration for the game that he saw built before his own eyes. Bonds Baseball Lineage is impressive. As it is impressive it becomes overtly sad that none of that ever soaked into Barry. He doesnt show the respect and humility these former Baseball Gods showed to the game and the fans. Humility that transcended into admiration. Admiration that turned into Legendery. The Unappreciative, cocky, critical and pompous manner he went about the game. As if the game owes Barry Lamar Bonds something. The way he conducted his interviews from his double locker recliner in the locker room made him seem untouchable. This dude took up two lockers. Who purposly takes up two lockers? Kanye would if was an athlete but, He can do that, he's Dope. Lamars evasive presence made him an enigma to the sports world. Making it hard for us to cheer in admiration for him. The sselfishness and disrespect Barry has showed is what should be the topic. As if he has no recollection of the baseball culture he was submersed in while growing up. These days we hear "leave Barry alone", "it's a race thing", "its the media's fault." Bonds brought all this on himself for believing he was bigger then the game, bigger then the culture, bigger then the greats he played catch with. As a matter of fact Barry isn't even the best outfielder to ever play in the bay area. To even put Barry Bonds in the same breath as Willie Mays should be considered blasphemy to Giant fans. Don;t forget about cousin Reggie. Last time i checked he brought 3 World Series to the Bay area. BONDS HAS BROUGHT NOTHING! Except a Big Head!

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