Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Doo Doo Nugget

Watching the finale of the terribly disappointing Lakers vs. Nuggets 1st round series I realized something. I realized Carmelo Anthony SCUKS! The Boy, and i don't use boy lightly; is not ready or mature enough to be the leader of an NBA Franchise. In game 4 with about 230 left in the game down by 3 "Melo" fouls out. Let me remind you that "Melo" acquired 2 quick foolish fouls in about 45 seconds guarding Kobe. Earlier Kenyon Martin who had been doing a great job guarding the Black Mamba (Kobe) had fouled out. Needless to say leaving the responsibility to step up and guard Kobe to "Melo." What upsets me is the way "Melo" fouled out. Two silly back to back impatient reach in fouls 35 feet from the basket. "Melo" fouled Kobe with in 10 seconds of each of the two back to back Laker inbounds. Instead of embracing the moment he failed to lead. Its the fucking playoffs "Melo"!!! This is time of the year players make a name for themselves. Where legends are made and established. It seems as if Carmelo doesn't have a grasp of being a leader. I could sit here and say... Yeah he's 24, but Magic was hitting hook shots while playing center for an injured Kareem! Against Bird, Parrish, and McHale... in Boston at the age of 23. "Melo" went 0-14 inside the paint in game 3. In the game where he proceeded to accuse his team of quitting. As far as I can see "Melo" is a pale shadow of what we expected from the freshman that lead Syracuse to a national title. He has showed Lackluster efforts falling way short of impressive for such a heralded player. There For I reward Melo for the "Doo Doo Nugget Award" He's no Kiki Vandeweghe, and Kiki was White.
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